Removal of varicose veins and venous malformation: effective treatment for varicose veins with microfoam in the clinics of Dr. Cabrera

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Barcelona - Granada - La Coruña - Madrid
First publications on sclerotherapy world microfoam
- J. Cabrera et al. "New Method of sclerosis in the truncal varices. Vascular disease "1995, vol 1, No. 4, October 1995, 55-7


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The sector's most prestigious magazine, gives its front page and editorial treatment of vascular malformations microfoam by Dr. Juan Cabrera, entitled "A New Era"

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  INFORMATION 902 15 15 92
Barcelona - Granada - La Coruña - Madrid
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Removal of varicose veins: effective treatment for varicose veins in the clinics of Dr. Cabrera

Definitive treatment against varicose veins without surgery with clinics microfoam Dr. Cabrera

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